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The Singing Bowl story

Check out the image story on flickr :w: about The Tibetan Singing Bowl :p:


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Ze1 cWnd net label pre- launch

I'm glad to announce the pre launch of the Net label Ze1 cWnD.

The idea behind Ze1 cWnD (pronounce like "the one sound") is simply to gather under this Net Label spontaneous recordings or jams or improvisations, between 1 or more musicians with or without an audience, played one time and recorded.


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The podcast enabled feed


All the previously published sessions will be added again in the podcast enable RSS feed, as well as all the incoming cyber jam sessions.

Don't forget that this is all XEAANS (Xperimental ElectrAcousticAmbiaNoisySomething).



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3 Didges to download and a podcast enabled Feed

From the Gathering sessions a jam with different friends and places, the 3D piece is a jam of three didgeridoos is available for download in mutilple formats :
128 kbps Mp3 64 kbps Mp3 and Ogg Vorbis

For all of you with mp3 players on the go, here is a podcast enabled RSS2.0 feed: http://ifeed.metarss.com/2c/tactus.xml


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Ensemble to download

Ensemble is now available for download in different mp3 flavors :a:160Kbps::VBR:: 64Kbps:: and one Ogg Vorbis


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Ensemble the newly added piece, #7 on the Album Cyber Electro. It is a jam between an acoustic guitar and some very HIGH frequencies and some low vibes towards the end. Clean up your ears on jamZradio :a:


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Inspiration Rag


I visited a friend the other day he was at the piano and I've had the didj so we jammed. Here it is Inspiration Rag actually it is not a Cyberjam but a real one shot jam and it will be added to the list as #12 on jamZradio :a: in the Album Last One

Soon there will be a RSS feed with enclosures for you podcasters out there.


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Memory #8 :## has been added to jamZradio :a: in the Album Cyberjam One.

There is 4 Albums on jamZradio with a total of 34 differents pieces.
You can move between Albums by clicking on the arrows next to the Album name and change songs by clicking on the arrows next to the piece name.


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Infrasound is a very low bass sound that can take you to sleep like a cat purr. Listen to Purr on WebEcho :a: #11.
By C.P. McDill. You can download :w: a 76 min of Purr for your pleasure.

a tiny URL for WebEcho http://awebmedia.com/webecho


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Singing Bowl is available for download

Go to archive.org :w: in the Open Source Audio section where you have the choice between listening or dowloading the piece Singing Bowl in 128kbs MP3 or Ogg vorbis format.


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Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowl

Tibetan singing Bowl mainly used for signaling the beginning and end of the meditation session in some Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.
A sound master can take you to a different level of consiousness just by using this kind of bowl. Made of seven different metals (plus an 8th from meteoritic origin) and forged in an old traditional way each bowl has a unique exquisite sound.

Listen to Singing Bowl on jamZradio :a: #7 in the Album Cyberjam One.

If you like, you can download this open source audio MP3.

Here is a short url to jamzradio http://awebmedia.com/jamzradio


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Noise flow

Noise flow

From opera to breathing the Noise flow.
Listen to the flow onjamZradio :a:
Noise flow in the album Cyber jam 1 .

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Tactus de Sonus

Experimental Cyberjam with electronic & acoustic instruments, plus mixes of sounds from the ordinary. The players are 1000 km apart and jam online.

jamZradio :a:

WebEcho  :a:

GuessThis :a:

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