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The wind sound

The Aeolian Harp, named after the Greek God of Wind, 'Aeolus', first appeared in Grecian culture circa 6 BC, when Orpheus, the 'original' poet, held poetry readings accompanied by the music of Wind Harps.

The Aeolian Wind Harp:w:
Check out the sound of the wind #15 on WebEcho :a:



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Songs in Inuktitut

A new Low-Fi recording on WebEcho :a:
#14 a colored recitation of the Inuktitut alphabet, the Inuit language living dictionary :w:.

#13 Inuk song by a young Inuit artist.

#12 A sample of the traditional throat singing.


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Infrasound is a very low bass sound that can take you to sleep like a cat purr. Listen to Purr on WebEcho :a: #11.
By C.P. McDill. You can download :w: a 76 min of Purr for your pleasure.

a tiny URL for WebEcho


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Bengali chant on WebEcho

Long time passed since the last echo.
The new woman chant #10 on WebEcho :a: is from Bengal India.


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Diphonic chant on Webecho :a:

Another vocal piece #9 "Mongolian Diphonic Chant" on WebEcho :a:. What usually is called diphonic chanting (emitting two sounds at the same time) is actually a buddhist ritual mantra chant.


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Old christian Rite :a:

A choral of nuns chanting an old christian rite prayer remixed by the famous Anonymous,that I like to share with you on WebEcho :a:. # 8


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Inuit chant on Webecho :a:

What an incredible instrument is the human voice for those who know how to use it.
Check out, on WebEcho :a: # 7, this Inuit women chant, from the land of Nunavut :w: in arctic Canada.:]


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A mature recording on WebEcho :a:

18 years old, is for sure a mature age. :]
This low-fi recording of DAN Colverd is from a live performance some eighteen years ago at La Cuvée Pub. The following 2 songs are also from DAN Colverd recorded during a tour in Brazil. the 3 songs are available now on Webecho  :a: #4 #5 #6 respectively.

A big hello to Dan if he can read this, while wandering somewhere in the Carribeans. :wave:


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Arctic echo now on WebEcho :a:

Execptional voices from Finland :w:, Voluble voices. listen on WebEcho :a:


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Web Echo

With WebEcho :a: player (top right to launch) you can listen to music pieces "taped" of the net (downloaded, recorded, received...) that sound original enough to be echoed.
For the moment there is only 2 pieces, the first is a didgeridoo sampling #1 by anonymous and the second is a vegetarian music #2 :lalala: played by the vegetable orchestra of Austria.
All instruments are made from vegetables and fruits.


Sounds that comes out of the ordinary can have something extraordinary. Altersound comming to an ear near u.

jamZradio :a:

WebEcho  :a:

GuessThis :a:

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