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Referrer spam IP list

Here is my ever growing Referer spam IP list. It will be frequently updated as there is always a new spammer around the corner.
I've banned those IP's from accessing the site, because even if you use the included antispam list in b2 evolution this does not stop them from the continuous bombardment of the site with the result of excessive use of bandwith (Antibandwidth) for no valid reason.
What I did also is emptied the _stats.php template from it's content so it is for no use for the referer spammers, as all what they want is just links in this page so they can get some page ranks but even this does not seem to stop them as they don't even check the results of their action.

NB: I included the Referer spam IP list on the statistics page. Certainly if it is included and distributed with b2 antispam system this will be a much better solution.

I encourage the b2 users to do the same in the hope that on the long run those actions would help to stop those culprits.

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Comment from: LJH [Visitor] ·
Thanks for providing the IP black-list. Here is a list I have generated in return. As you can see some IPs are listed multiple times. Those are repeated spamming attempts.
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